Is Nepal Safe to travel? How to avoid problems

Some tricks and tips to help you along the way up to the mountains....

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries filled with kind and generous people. People of this country are often welcoming to tourists and foreign travelers. The government of Nepal is also very serious about the safety of tourists. They make sure they have a good reputation in terms of social security. Nepal is ready to celebrate 2020 “Visit Nepal 2020” as its tourism year. With the aim of welcoming around 2 million tourists. While visiting a third world country there are few questions in a traveller’s mind. like whether or not it is safe to visit, especially if you are visiting alone if you are a female. Most people hesitate to travel to a place because of a safety concern and lack of good safety trick and tips. Here we have made a list that will help you a lot in your visit to Nepal. This will also help you avoid potential problems along the way. Nepal comes 72nd out of 163 countries ranked on the Global Peace Index (2019). Nepal is very safe to travel for alone and female travellers.

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